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Footprints In The Sand Beach Weddings

Doug & Laura

Footprints In The Sand Beach Weddings Mobile Alabama

Our Love Story...

The sparks just flew sitting around the camp fire where we first met, New Years Eve 2009. We had been searching for each other our entire lives, however we just did not know where that very special place was to find each other. We looked at each other that night and we smiled, that smile like a secret we share, we both knew we've found what the whole world is searching for. We had our “first date” a week later and the rest is truly history.

When you meet that special someone, and you'll know. Your heart may beat more rapidly, and you'll smile for no reason at all.  I feel that we both knew that we had found that someone special when we met each other for the very first time. You look at them and think "where have you been?" Once you meet that one special person, your life is changed forever.

As soon as we laid eyes on each other, something clicked. Everyone say's that when you know, you just know, and that's exactly how it was between us. And now - two pets, three houses, countless trips and many more dates later - we were thrilled in taking the next step in building our future together. And now, Our Love story continues to this day.


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